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Video Satire bites

Not for sale – For exhibition only

- Here comes the Bogey Man -

Cameron clegg and Osborne - say it isnt so


Iain Duncan smith and his persecution of the blind and disabled

George Osborne, in the mouth of madness

Nick Clegg pulling faces to busy doing nothing

Iain duncan smith continually persecuting

blind people and the genuinely disabled

David Cameron and his coalition government festers and stinks

Ed Miliband - I can find my own testicles

- I am not a -

Conservative politician

The queen loves to party

Happy as a hindu cow


Angela Merkel - Merkal munchkin

Mitt Romney - I hear spooky Voices

- Answers on a postcard please -

Child in the sky

The Apathy song

- Go fry me a terrorist -

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